Makin em' like they used to.

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High Meadows are a small manufacturing house and wholesaler of fine stationery, est. 2017. 

In a market that is focused on cutting corners and saving money, High Meadows is a product design studio that takes a step back; takes pride in slow craft and creates bespoke accessories the old-fashioned way.

At High Meadows, supporting local and independent business is extremely important, that's why all materials used in High Meadows' products are sourced in the U.K. This includes veg-tan leather from the traditional shoemaking district of Northampton and waxed cotton from the prestigious Halley Stevensons factory in Dundee. High Meadows wares are sold worldwide through accredited retailers which are selected on the basis of their individual ethos.

Based in Bromley Cross, United Kingdom. Always Handmade in-house.